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Build book cover
Elements of an Effective
Software Organization
By Rebecca Murphey and Otto Hilska
Building software is hard. Running an effective software engineering organization is harder. Build: Elements of an Effective Software Organization is a guide to help good software teams get better and remain effective as the organization grows and evolves.
Build is a blueprint for continuous improvement. It zeroes in on three key ingredients: a relentless focus on business outcomes, actionable insights to boost the productivity of your software teams, and a thoughtful approach to improving the experience of building software at your company.
Whether you’re a leader, a manager, or anyone invested in seeing your team or organization improve, Build provides the roadmap you need to drive meaningful, impactful progress.
The Build book has the rare virtue of exploring engineering effectiveness from a holistic perspective, rather than fixating on metrics and frameworks. It brings the kind of approach — team and outcome-based — that I believe we need today to move forward as an industry. I loved it!
Luca Rossi
Founder, Refactoring
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