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Gain visibility with engineering metrics. Break silos and drive better team habits. Ship faster with high code quality. Above all, work with happy engineers.

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Teams need visibility into their ways of working to make better decisions. Use proven actionable insights to unblock the flow, align engineering with business objectives, and drive continuious improvement.

Unblock the Flow

Increase velocity with actionable insights

Insight starts with transparency. Follow proven metrics to reduce cycle time, review code faster, ship in small batches, maintain a swift and reliable CI/CD pipeline, and drive better business outcomes.

Know where the time goes

Boost focus on business objectives

Up to 60% of all work doesn’t get reflected on the roadmap. Swarmia shows the effect of unplanned work, bugs, scope creep, and technical debt on your plans and helps teams to regain focus on key business objectives.

Build better habits

Drive change by adopting industry best practices

The best teams improve all the time. Adopt some of the 20+ best practices followed by the industry’s best-performing teams and use Swarmia’s automated nudges to stay on track.

Empowering engineering teams to do their best work


Continuous improvement

The best teams improve all the time. Swarmia helps teams drive change, and improve 1% every month.

Quality Enables Speed

Quality enables speed

We believe investment in quality enables speed. Use Swarmia to gain insights into both velocity and quality.

Every Team Is Different

Every team is different

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to continuous improvement. We adapt to your team’s tools, rituals, and ways of working.

Data Quality

Data quality is a feature

Getting accurate data across tools is hard. Use Swarmia to get 90% of all work mapped to the right issues and the right people.

Security Matters

Security matters

We conduct internal and external security audits twice a year. Security is on the checklist for every feature we build.

No Harmful Metrics

No harmful metrics

Best teams focus on team performance, not individual performance. Swarmia is not a tool for stalking developers.

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Teams need transparency to improve their ways of working. Gain an accurate view of where your team's time is spent, and boost focus on work that matters.