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Improve the business impact of engineering

Get a clear picture of where teams are spending their time and strike the right balance between different types of engineering work.

Build a healthier, more balanced engineering organization

Leading an engineering organization is a balancing act. Your goal is to intentionally manage the investment between building new things, reducing technical debt, improving productivity, and more.
Read our guide to balancing engineering investment
Understand the big picture
Look at investment distribution by organization or team to spot larger trends.
Translate initiatives into dollars
Clearly see how much money your business is spending on different projects.
Focus on key objectives
Understand where engineering time goes, and improve planning and prioritization.

Improve balance on every level of the organization

Identify teams that need support. Help individuals understand where their time goes, without stalking or stack ranking them.
Support and coach individuals
Have high quality 1:1s and career discussions based on real insights.
Get maintenance under control
Identify time-consuming patterns in technical debt, firefighting, and chores.
Auto-categorize work in minutes
Set up investment categories in a few clicks. Swarmia will take care of the rest.

Works with the tools you already use

Swarmia combines data from your codebase and issue tracker. It also integrates with chat to speed up developer workflows.
With Swarmia, we’re able to highlight problem areas, set target levels, and drive continuous improvement.
Alex Plugaru
Co-Founder & CTO at Gorgias
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