Empowering effective engineering organizations

Systematically improve business outcomes, developer productivity, and developer experience with Swarmia.

Here’s how it works

Watch our 12-minute product overview to understand how you can drive engineering effectiveness with Swarmia.

Predictably deliver on planned business outcomes

Steer your business in the right direction with the help of investment insights and real-time visibility into project delivery.
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I immediately liked what I saw. Swarmia aligns with our way of thinking about the importance of empowering teams and checks all the boxes I have for a tool like this.
Maryanna Rayko
VP of Engineering, TrueLayer

Boost developer productivity with reliable data and intuitive visualizations

Unblock the flow with healthy team-level productivity metrics (including DORA and SPACE) and actionable visualizations.
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Swarmia gives us quantitative information about how our teams are doing, but without adding any friction.
Pau Revilla
CTO at Factorial

Create a better developer experience with dev tooling and feedback from your engineers

Automate feedback loops, reduce wait times, and correlate system metrics with sentiment data from your developers.
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Developer surveys
Run targeted developer surveys to complement system metrics with feedback from your engineers.
“Swarmia’s GitHub Slack integration is one of the reasons our engineers really love the product.”
Josep Jaume Rey
Josep Jaume Rey
Senior Engineering Director at Factorial
CI insights
Dramatically reduce CI wait times and costs with detailed CI insights.

Enterprise-grade features meet lightweight setup

Swarmia combines the best of both worlds: capabilities that meet enterprise expectations with flexible configuration that only takes minutes.
Built to scale
Swarmia fits the needs of modern organizations from startups to enterprises.
Easy to integrate
Swarmia works with the tools your teams are already using: from issue tracker to source code hosting and chat.
Flexible configuration, no set up fees
You can either set up Swarmia on your own or get help from our customer success team — at no extra cost.
Designed for the whole organization
In addition to insights and reports for the engineering leadership, Swarmia gives teams the tools they need to ship faster.
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