Empowering happy and productive software teams

Swarmia gives modern engineering teams the visibility, insights, and tools they need to do their best work.

A better way to improve software development productivity

You can’t improve your engineering organization by simply looking at a dashboard. That’s why Swarmia combines healthy, research-backed insights with tools that help engineering teams take action.

Analyze activity patterns and unblock the flow

Swarmia brings together data from all the tools where engineering work happens. Get a full picture of work in progress and regain focus on what matters.
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See all work at a glance
Combine issue tracker insights with data from your codebase.
Diagnose activity anti-patterns
Quickly spot anti-patterns like siloing, interruptions, or too many projects in flight.
Identify and remove blockers
Get context by zooming into specific tasks, pull requests, and commits.
Swarmia gives our engineers much-needed visibility into their own work and its status.
Tiina Romu
Software Team Lead at Huuva

Improve the business impact of engineering

Get a clear picture of where teams are spending their time and strike the right balance between different types of engineering work.
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Measure the right things at every level of the organization

Improve engineering productivity and developer experience by tracking a balanced set of research-backed software development metrics.
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DORA, SPACE, and beyond
Track healthy metrics around cycle time, code quality, developer experience, and more.
“With Swarmia, we’ve been able to highlight problem areas, set target levels, and drive continuous improvement. In just two months, we decreased our teams’ cycle times by 40%.”
Alex Plugaru
Co-Founder & CTO at Gorgias
Relevant insights at every level
Get useful data for each team, group of teams, or the whole organization.
Pinpoint issues
Spot outliers and take action based on your data.
Trusted by leaders.
Loved by teams.
Over 50% of active Swarmia users are software developers.

Drive continuous improvement with working agreements

Build healthy team habits by adopting proven ways of working from some of the highest-performing software teams in the world.
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Adopt better team habits
Work with your team to set relevant and achievable targets.
Automate feedback loops
Get real-time alerts in Slack to stay on top of your team's agreements.
Track progress over time
Avoid slipping and celebrate progress with frequent recaps.

Trusted by high-performing engineering teams

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