Analyze activity patterns and unblock the flow

Work Log brings together data from all the tools where engineering work happens. Get a full picture of work in progress and regain focus on what matters.

Get the right things done

Software development doesn’t have to be a black box. Work Log allows you to quickly see where your team’s work gets stuck — so you can get unstuck just as quickly.
Visualize work in Work Log
See all work at a glance
Combine issue tracker insights with data from your codebase.
Analyze activity anti-patterns
Quickly spot anti-patterns like siloing, interruptions, or too many projects in flight.
Zoom in and out
See all the work you’ve done in the past year or look at a two-week period at a time.

Get a bird’s eye view into completed projects

Zoom out to see all the projects your team has been working on over the past year. A steady staircase-like pattern communicates that your team is able to finish existing projects before they start new ones.
Visualize months of work in high-level Work Log

Start better conversations with accurate data

Drill into stories or epics to see how they progressed over time. Use detailed insights like flow efficiency and scope creep in your retrospectives to improve planning and collaboration.

Improve collaboration in the team

Quickly see how work is distributed between team members. Spot opportunities to increase collaboration on certain types of work or split code reviews more evenly.

Works with the tools you already use

Swarmia combines data from your codebase and issue tracker. It also integrates with chat to speed up developer workflows.
Swarmia gives our engineers much-needed visibility into their own work and its status.
Tiina Romu
Software Team Lead at Huuva
Join the effective software organizations using Swarmia today.
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