Lead strategic engineering initiatives with confidence

Never lose sight of the big picture. Swarmia gives you the visibility you need to keep engineering initiatives moving.

Take the surprises out of feature delivery

Swarmia allows you to stay on top of ongoing initiatives so you can quickly spot at-risk work and course correct before it’s too late.
Track cross-team work
Eliminate cross-team bottlenecks and understand the exact contributions of different people and teams.
Spot at-risk initiatives
Quickly identify initiatives that are falling behind from their planned schedule so you can get them back on track.
Reduce manual effort
With Swarmia, the status of you initiatives is always up to date based on data from your issue tracker and source code hosting.
Swarmia has removed many of the manual reports and places we’d need to pull data from previously.
Christian Helvin
Engineering Director at Tithely

Gain full visibility into the status and progress of cross-team initiatives

Get the exact information you need to give the business reliable updates about ongoing initiatives. Use detailed progress data to unblock teams that are stuck.

See all your initiatives at a glance

Get all the information you need for board updates or company all-hands meetings in one place, without the manual work of pulling data from different places.

Quickly spot the initiatives that are moving along nicely and the ones that need your attention.

Keep the work moving

Drill down to the work items that belong to each initiative to identify issues that are taking longer than expected. Then, proactively offer support to the teams that need it.
Swarmia allows us to see in real time when things are starting to slip. Instead of having to wait until a missed deadline, I can proactively communicate about changes in our timeline.
Tim Nott
CTO, FactoryFix
Ready to take control of your strategic initiatives?
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