About us

We‘ve been part of engineering organizations that work extremely well together, deliver high-quality work, and ship often... and organizations that don‘t. The best organizations have had a few things in common: visibility into their own ways of working, a culture of small but continuous improvement, and great tooling to help them improve in a way that sticks.

Swarmia was founded to help every team achieve that visibility, culture of continuous improvement, and tooling to make it happen.

We believe in the power of metrics, to help you make the right decisions at the right time. We believe in the compounding effect of positive feedback loops over a longer timeframe. And we believe in the engineering team as the fundamental unit to optimize, improve and nurture.

More than anything, as a software engineering team ourselves, we‘re building the tool we believe will enable every team to do their best work.

Team We‘re hiring!

Our team has successfully delivered software, and led engineering & design teams in high-growth, fast-moving environments.

Otto Hilska
Otto HilskaFounder & CEOPast: Chief Product Officer at Smartly.io, founder of Flowdock
Juho Ikonen
Juho IkonenSoftware EngineerPast: Head of Solutions Engineering at Smartly.io
Mika Vakula
Mika VakulaSoftware EngineerPast: CTO at Tocoman, Senior Consultant at Reaktor, CEO at aTalent Recruiting
Oskari Virtaoja
Oskari VirtaojaSoftware EngineerPast: Dev Team Lead, Software Engineer at Smartly.io
Roman Musatkin
Roman MusatkinProduct DesignerPast: Product Design Lead at Smartly.io
Jarno Rantanen
Jarno RantanenSoftware EngineerPast: Tech Principal, Senior Consultant at Futurice
Eero Kettunen
Eero KettunenCustomer Success ManagerPast: Consultant at BCG
Olli Mattila
Olli MattilaCustomer Success ManagerPast: Head of Presales and Sales Ops at RELEX, Consultant at Bain
Aleksi Heinonen
Aleksi HeinonenFinance & Operations ManagerPast: Controller at Certego, Vice President, Head of Finance at Junction
Lauri Ikonen
Lauri IkonenProduct ManagerPast: Group Product Manager, Product Manager at Smartly.io
Oskari Ojavuo
Oskari OjavuoSales Development Representative
Kimmo Brunfeldt
Kimmo BrunfeldtSoftware EngineerPast: Senior Software Engineer at Aiven, Lead Developer at Futurice
Ari-Pekka Koponen
Ari-Pekka KoponenHead of PlatformPast: Frontend Lead at Supermetrics, CTO Team at Vincit
Petri Avikainen
Petri AvikainenSoftware EngineerPast: VP Engineering, Software Engineer at Kaiku Health
Elias Halme
Elias HalmeAccount ExecutivePast: Account Manager at Proofpoint, Account Manager at LogMeIn