About us

We’ve been part of engineering organizations that work extremely well together, deliver high-quality work, and ship often … and organizations that don’t. The best organizations have had a few things in common: visibility into their own ways of working, a culture of small but continuous improvement, and great tooling to help them improve in a way that sticks.

Swarmia was founded to help every team achieve that visibility, culture of continuous improvement, and tooling to make it happen.

We believe in the power of transparency, to help you make the right decisions at the right time. We believe in the compounding effect of positive feedback loops over a longer timeframe. And we believe in the engineering team as the fundamental unit to optimize, improve and nurture.

More than anything, as a software engineering team ourselves, we’re building the tool we believe will enable every team to do their best work.

TeamWe‘re hiring!

Our team has successfully delivered software, and led engineering & design teams in high-growth, fast-moving environments.

Otto Hilska
Otto HilskaFounder & CEOPast: Chief Product Officer at Smartly.io, founder of FlowdockLinkedIn Logo
Mika Vakula
Mika VakulaSoftware Engineer, Team LeadPast: CTO at Tocoman, Senior Consultant at Reaktor, CEO at aTalent RecruitingLinkedIn Logo
Oskari Virtaoja
Oskari VirtaojaHead of EngineeringPast: Dev Team Lead, Software Engineer at Smartly.ioLinkedIn Logo
Roman Musatkin
Roman MusatkinHead of Product & DesignPast: Product Design Lead at Smartly.ioLinkedIn Logo
Jarno Rantanen
Jarno RantanenSoftware Engineer, Team LeadPast: Tech Principal, Senior Consultant at FuturiceLinkedIn Logo
Eero Kettunen
Eero KettunenCustomer Success ManagerPast: Consultant at BCGLinkedIn Logo
Aleksi Heinonen
Aleksi HeinonenHead of Finance & OperationsPast: Controller at Certego, Vice President, Head of Finance at JunctionLinkedIn Logo
Lauri Ikonen
Lauri IkonenProduct ManagerPast: Group Product Manager, Product Manager at Smartly.ioLinkedIn Logo
Kimmo Brunfeldt
Kimmo BrunfeldtSoftware EngineerPast: Senior Software Engineer at Aiven, Lead Developer at FuturiceLinkedIn Logo
Ari-Pekka Koponen
Ari-Pekka KoponenHead of PlatformPast: Frontend Lead at Supermetrics, CTO Team at VincitLinkedIn Logo
Petri Avikainen
Petri AvikainenSoftware EngineerPast: VP Engineering, Software Engineer at Kaiku HealthLinkedIn Logo
Eemeli Kantola
Eemeli KantolaSoftware EngineerPast: Senior Software Developer, Lean/Agile Consultant at FuturiceLinkedIn Logo
Andy Carlson
Andy CarlsonVP of SalesPast: Scaled Agile Inc, Rally Software, ThoughtworksLinkedIn Logo
Pinja Dodik
Pinja DodikHead of MarketingPast: Demand Gen Lead at SupermetricsLinkedIn Logo
Hugo Kiiski
Hugo KiiskiSoftware EngineerPast: Staff Engineer at Smartly.ioLinkedIn Logo
Miikka Jokela
Miikka JokelaGrowth Marketing ManagerPast: Growth Strategist at VainuLinkedIn Logo
Brian Hayes
Brian HayesAccount ExecutivePast: Scaled Agile, Rally SoftwareLinkedIn Logo
Sayo Oladeji
Sayo OladejiSoftware Engineer, Team LeadPast: Meta, Smartly.ioLinkedIn Logo
Oskari Kallio
Oskari KallioLead Brand DesignerPast: Lead Visual Designer at Kaiku HealthLinkedIn Logo
Rebecca Murphey
Rebecca MurpheyField CTOPast: Engineering effectiveness at Stripe, IndeedLinkedIn Logo
Kimmo Puputti
Kimmo PuputtiSoftware EngineerPast: Staff Engineer at Swappie, Lead Web Engineer at SharetribeLinkedIn Logo
Akseli Aho
Akseli AhoCustomer Success ManagerPast: CEO at Junction, Consultant at AccentureLinkedIn Logo
Avik Dey
Avik DeyProduct DesignerPast: Design Systems at Smartly.ioLinkedIn Logo
Alexi Ortega
Alexi OrtegaCustomer Success ManagerPast: Technical Account Manager at VMwareLinkedIn Logo
Niko Salmela
Niko SalmelaSoftware EngineerPast: Senior Backend Engineer at Wolt, Senior Software Engineer at SwappieLinkedIn Logo
Julien Chakra
Julien ChakraSoftware EngineerPast: Software Engineer at Futurice, Software Engineer at Unity TechnologiesLinkedIn Logo
Miikka Holkeri
Miikka HolkeriProduct ManagerPast: Head of Product at MinnaLearn, Product Manager at Smartly.ioLinkedIn Logo
Nathan Dao
Nathan DaoSoftware EngineerPast: Software Engineer at FuturiceLinkedIn Logo
Liv Læssøe
Liv LæssøeProduct DesignerPast: Lead Product Designer at MinnaLearn, Lead Product Designer at Starship TechnologiesLinkedIn Logo
Mikko Porkola
Mikko PorkolaSoftware EngineerPast: Engineering Team Lead and Staff Engineer at WoltLinkedIn Logo
Dima Egorov
Dima EgorovSoftware EngineerPast: Software Engineer at HealthSamuraiLinkedIn Logo
Eero Tuhka
Eero TuhkaSoftware EngineerPast: VP Data at Upright, PM and Data Scientist at SmartlyLinkedIn Logo
Kaarlo Kock
Kaarlo KockSoftware EngineerPast: Software Engineer at ReaktorLinkedIn Logo
Jani Niemelä
Jani NiemeläSoftware EngineerPast: Senior Backend Engineer at Wolt, Senior Software Engineer at SwappieLinkedIn Logo
Santeri Toivanen
Santeri ToivanenMarketing ManagerPast: Marketing at Focal, CMO at SlushLinkedIn Logo
Nantte Kivinen
Nantte KivinenFinance & Operations SpecialistPast: Treasurer at AaltoesLinkedIn Logo
First Sutham
First SuthamSoftware EngineerPast: Unity Technologies, ThoughtworksLinkedIn Logo