Software engineering data you can trust

Your decisions are only as good as the data that informs them. Swarmia allows you to reliably measure, visualize, and export your software development data.

When it comes to data, quality is everything

Your data evolves constantly. Swarmia helps you keep it in sync, while giving you full control over what’s included in each metric.


Swarmia pulls data from multiple sources and makes it easy for you to keep it consistent with the help of smart automation, syncing, linking, and categorization.


Many tools get your data right once during onboarding and expect it to stay in check afterward. The data quickly becomes outdated and unusable.

With Swarmia, you can make small changes to your setup as your data evolves. This way, we ensure continuous data quality with minimal effort.


It’s hard to make informed decisions when your data lives in a black box. With Swarmia, you can always drill down to see what an aggregate number consists of.
In six months, we learned that while developing these solutions in-house is possible, it’s also extremely time-consuming. Swarmia gives us a shortcut into the visibility our teams need to improve their workflows.
Martin Jagusch
Product Manager, Platform at Pleo

Bring your data where you need it

Keeping all engineering data in sync and available in different formats is not an easy feat. Swarmia does the heavy-lifting, so you always have granular, real-time data ready for custom reporting and analysis.
Data Cloud
Schedule data exports to push selected metrics to any data warehouse, including BigQuery, Snowflake, and Redshift.
Export API
Pull the data you need with Swarmia’s Export API and combine it with any other internal data.
Start using software engineering data you can trust
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