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Create a better developer experience with great tooling

Give your software teams the tools they need to improve the experience of shipping software.

Minimize interruptions and maximize flow

Frequent interruptions, long wait times, and flaky builds have the potential to derail developer experience. Swarmia helps you make meaningful improvements, one change at a time.
Increase transparency
Give teams access to all the data and insights they need to make better decisions.
Automate manual processes
Free up engineers’ time by automating work-in-progress updates and code review requests.
Drive meaningful change
Use developer surveys to direct your improvement efforts at the highest-impact areas.
Swarmia’s Slack notifications make it easy to keep track of open pull requests across all our repos. They help me quickly find the conversations that need my input.
Svyat Sobol
Lead Engineer at Wolt (part of DoorDash)

Put continuous improvement on autopilot

Use the working agreements in Swarmia to adopt healthy habits and remain accountable to the targets you’ve adopted as a team.
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Speed up development workflows

Never let PRs fall through the cracks again. Use the notifications to automate feedback loops, speed up code reviews, and more.
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Reduce CI wait times and costs

Find ways to speed up your CI/CD pipelines by drilling down into individual repositories and workflows.
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Get actionable feedback from your engineers

Complement system metrics with sentiment data from your software engineers and use those insights to improve developer experience.
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Swarmia’s GitHub-to-Slack notifications are way better than in any other tool. It’s one of the reasons our engineers really love the product.
Josep Jaume Rey
Senior Engineering Director at Factorial
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