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Swarmia has transformed the way our engineers work and communicate.

Christian Helvin

Director of Engineering
I especially love the Slack integration to GitHub. It gives me the certainty that I'm always up-to-date on anything that is going on in my PRs.

Senja Jarva

Senior Frontend Developer
Swarmia gives us the perfect overview of engineering productivity, which helps me report back to the business.

Roland Fiala

SVP of Engineering
Swarmia gives us quantitative information about how our teams are doing, but without adding any friction.

Pau Revilla

Swarmia gives developers much-needed visibility to their own work and its status.

Tiina Romu

Software Team Lead
With Swarmia we’re able to highlight problem areas, set target levels, and drive continuous improvement.

Alex Plugaru

Co-Founder & CTO

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We work with hundreds of modern engineering organizations from around the world. Here are some examples of the results our customers have achieved by empowering their engineering teams with the help of Swarmia.

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