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Bring healthy visibility into engineers’ work

Improve the quality of conversations between software engineers and their managers with clear data visualizations.

Say bye to leaderboards and stack ranking

The developer overview answers one question: what has this engineer worked on? No numbers or unfair comparisons between teammates — just an objective view of ongoing and completed work.
Swarmia helps us visualize hidden engineering work. This information allows us to recognize when we need to hire additional people, reduce someone’s workload, or split a team to improve their focus.
Carsten Neuendorf
Engineering Director at Productsup

Enabling higher-quality conversations

The developer overview in Swarmia gives managers and engineers shared context for better discussions.

A better way for managers to coach software engineers

Look at the work each engineer has done without trying to reduce it to a number. Use the visualizations to coach developers on their strong points and possible learning opportunities.

A better way for engineers to drive career development discussions

Zoom out of the day-to-day to see everything you’ve worked on, identify improvement areas, and advocate for yourself in performance reviews.
Ready to gain healthy visibility into the work of software engineers?

What you’ll see in the developer overview

There are many ways to slice and dice the work of individual engineers. Here are the main ones you’ll find in the developer overview.
All work from PRs to epics
Get a full picture of each engineers’ work, including planned and completed items.
See how engineers’ time is split between the investment categories you’ve set.
Look at the “working together” section to find out who to ask for 360 feedback.
Swarmia has transformed the way our engineering teams work. It allows us to celebrate more milestones as a team and has opened the door to many good conversations regarding productivity and tech debt.
Christian Helvin
Director of Engineering,
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