Predictably deliver on planned business outcomes

CTOs, VPEs, and engineering directors use Swarmia to make decisions that move the business in the right direction.

Lead your organization with confidence

Swarmia gives you the visibility you need to make informed decisions about priorities, people, and processes.
Promote a healthy culture
Instead of spying on or micromanaging your teams, Swarmia encourages transparency and autonomy.
Report to the business
From strategic initiatives to software capitalization, get the exact data you need to report back to the business.
Empower managers and teams
In addition to executive dashboards, Swarmia gives teams the tools they need to do their best work.
I immediately liked what I saw. Swarmia aligns with our way of thinking about the importance of empowering teams and checks all the boxes I have for a tool like this.
Maryanna Rayko
VP of Engineering, TrueLayer

Balance engineering investment

Understand where engineering time goes and make informed investment decisions.
Read more about investment balance

Take surprises out of feature delivery

Stay on top of cross-team initiatives, catch delivery risks early, and communicate progress to non-engineering stakeholders.
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Create audit-ready software capitalization reports

Pull capitalizable engineering work from Swarmia, easily blend with salary data, and create cost capitalization reports.
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Swarmia gives us quantitative information about how our teams are doing, but without adding any friction.
Pau Revilla
CTO at Factorial
Start delivering on the planned business outcomes today
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