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The GitHub Slack integration that’s all signal, no noise

Swarmia connects GitHub and Slack to speed up developer workflows, automate feedback loops, and improve collaboration.
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Personal Slack notifications

Stay in the flow

Swarmia’s two-way integration between Slack and GitHub eliminates distractions and helps you focus on what matters.

Reply and react to GitHub comments in Slack

Say adios to jumping between apps. Swarmia allows you to read, reply, and react to GitHub comments without leaving Slack.

Quickly catch failed CI checks

Swarmia automatically alerts you about failed CI checks in your PRs. To eliminate noisy pings, you’ll only get CI failure notifications after you've requested a review.

Celebrate a job well done

Get periodic recaps to celebrate all the work you’ve done. Think Spotify Wrapped, but for software engineers.
Swarmia’s Slack notifications make it easy to keep track of open pull requests across all our repos. They help me quickly find the conversations that need my input.
Svyat Sobol
Lead Engineer at Wolt (part of DoorDash)
Slack notifications for teams

Keep the whole team on the map

Transparency used to require effort. Now you can automate some of the critical communication with Swarmia’s team notifications.
Daily digests
Get daily notifications on your team’s channel to see all the ongoing work at a glance.
Issue summaries
Celebrate finished projects with quick recaps that summarize completed stories or epics.
Swarmia’s GitHub-to-Slack notifications are way better than in any other tool. It’s one of the reasons our engineers really love the product.
Josep Jaume Rey
Senior Engineering Director at Factorial

Put continuous improvement on autopilot

Identify concrete improvement areas and set working agreements to hit your goals as a team.
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Working agreements