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Drive continuous improvement with better team habits

Working agreements give software teams the feedback loops they need to get a little bit better every day.

Metrics alone don't help teams to improve

Working agreements put teams in control of how they want to work together. Whether you’re looking to set numeric targets or build healthy habits, there’s a working agreement for that.
Read our practical guide to working agreements
Adopt proven ways of working
Work with your team to set relevant and achievable targets.
Enable automated reminders
Get real-time alerts in Slack to stay on top of your team's agreements.
Track progress over time
Avoid slipping and celebrate progress with frequent recaps.

Adopt best practices from high-performing teams

Work in progress, cross-team collaboration, review time, code quality — choose the areas you’d like to improve, and Swarmia will help you get there.
Working agreements

Automate feedback loops

Get personal and team reminders to unblock the flow and stay on top of your working agreements.
Personal nudges
Speed up code reviews and unblock teammates with personal notifications.
Team digests
Bring visibility into ongoing work and celebrate completed stories and epics.

Designed to help teams take action

React to working agreement exceptions before they turn into serious bottlenecks.
Using working agreements together with Swarmia’s Slack notifications has a proven correlation with faster code reviews and lower cycle times.*
Swarmia’s own research based on data from 500+ engineering teams.

Measure impact across the whole organization

Get a quick overview of how different teams are doing and which working agreements they’ve adopted.
Our teams set their own working agreements based on what’s relevant and achievable for them. Swarmia reminds each of them if they’re about to slip, which takes the pressure off the team leads.
Carsten Neuendorf
Engineering Director at Productsup
Join the high-performing teams using Swarmia today.
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