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Speed up your CI/CD pipelines with detailed CI insights

Get full visibility into your CI/CD pipelines and find ways to speed them up by drilling down into individual repositories and workflows.

Improve the health and performance of your CI environment

Whether you lead the engineering organization, work as an individual contributor, or anything in between, Swarmia’s CI insights help you troubleshoot pipeline issues to reduce waiting times and costs.
Platform teams
Measure and improve CI performance at the org-level.
Engineering leaders
Reduce CI costs by resolving bottlenecks in your pipelines.
Software engineers
Dive into individual workflows to troubleshoot and fix slowness.
Swarmia gives us quantitative information about how our teams are doing, but without adding any friction.
Pau Revilla
CTO at Factorial

Drill down to find the bottlenecks in your CI pipelines

Start from the organization view to evaluate the overall performance of your CI environment. Drill down to troubleshoot issues across individual repositories and workflows.

Get a bird’s eye view of your pipelines

Evaluate the overall health and performance of your CI environment with the organization-level insights.

Drill down to take action

Dive deeper into individual repositories to find the workflows with the most room for improvement. Then, analyze which parts of your workflows fail frequently or take the longest to run to identify the root causes for slowness or flakiness.

Quickly catch failed
CI checks

Get automatic Slack alerts about failed CI checks in your PRs. To eliminate noisy pings, you’ll only get CI failure notifications after you’ve requested a review.
Start speeding up your CI/CD pipelines today. Available on the Lite plan.
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