Put your DORA metrics to work with Swarmia

Most tools that help you track DORA engineering metrics are nothing but static dashboards. Swarmia not only tracks your DORA metrics but also helps you make long-lasting improvements based on them.

What are DORA metrics?

DORA metrics were popularized by the annual State of DevOps reports and the 2018 book Accelerate. The four metrics are used to predict an organization's software delivery performance and as a result, business success.


Change lead time

The time it takes to get committed code to run in production


Deployment frequency

How often a software team pushes changes to production


Change failure rate

The share of incidents, rollbacks, and failures of all deployments


Time to recovery

The time it takes to restore service in production after an incident

Go beyond DORA metrics

DORA metrics are a great start when you’re looking to improve your software delivery performance. Here’s how you can achieve that — and more — with Swarmia.

Decrease your PR and issue cycle time with flow insights

✅ Measure your change lead time for individual PRs, stories, and epics

✅ Quickly identify and resolve process bottlenecks like slow code reviews, too much work in progress, and working alone on bigger issues

✅ Unblock the flow of software delivery

Decrease your PR and issue cycle time with flow insights

Use deployment insights to drive improvement

✅ Understand how you’re doing in terms of the remaining three DORA metrics: deployment frequency, failure rate, and mean time to recovery

✅ Encourage collaboration, set work-in-progress limits and targets for deployment frequency

✅ Get higher-quality features to market faster

Use deployment insights to drive improvement

Improve developer experience with healthy metrics and automation

✅ Use engineering metrics to help your software engineers — not to spy on them or rank them

✅ Set customizable, team-wide working agreements and stay on track with automated nudges and reminders

✅ Get daily digests, story completion notifications, and personal alerts on Slack

Improve developer experience with healthy metrics and automation

With Swarmia, we’ve been able to highlight problem areas, set target levels, and drive continuous improvement. In two months, we’ve decreased our teams' cycle time by 40%.

Alex PlugaruCo-Founder, CTO, Gorgias

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