Changelog · Mar 14, 2022

More accurate investment insights

Investment category logic

We improved the logic behind investment categories to help teams make better investment decisions with Swarmia. Categories are now mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive, meaning that they don't overlap, and each issue can be linked to only one category. When you configure automated filters to map work to categories, it's now possible to specify the category order. If an issue matches multiple categories, we'll assign it to the highest match on the list. It makes investment insights more accurate and gives you more control over your data in Swarmia.

Filter pull requests by investment category

Another essential aspect of investment insights is transparency. Now you can filter pull requests by investment category and see cycle time, review time, and throughput for each category. It's easy to see pull requests categorized as Technical Debt or Firefighting and improve the way you deal with those issues in your team.

Merge and delete categories while preserving linked data

Once you start tracking investments in your team, it's not uncommon to merge or split categories to get a more accurate picture of the work. Now it's easy to move work between categories when you make changes. When you delete a category with contributions linked to it, we'll ask you to move contributions to a new place. No data lost!

2-week Work Log

We bumped the default timeframe of Work Log from one to two weeks to help you spot work patterns over a longer timeframe. We also improved Work Log data loading, and navigating between views is snappier.

Other improvements

  • Contributor settings now allow showing all contributors at once, and bots are shown aside from other active contributors.
  • Previously, we looked only at coding contributions to tell who contributed to projects in your issue tracker. Now issue assignees are included as well.
  • We improved the login experience for our GitHub Enterprise customers.
  • Issue activity popup is now wider and fits more data.
  • We added a GitHub link to pull requests in working agreement exceptions to help you get more context in one click.

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