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Changelog · Jun 8, 2020


We're starting to develop a new product area called Insights to help teams form a holistic view of their ways of working. The first Insights are about quality: bugs and continuous integration.

Introducing quality insights

Bug Insights shows the volume of bugs on a timeline and how many bugs you are opening and closing on a daily basis, based on your team's Jira data.

Continuous Integration Insights plots the daily percentage of flaky builds on a timeline. You can drill down to a given day to see how many builds were flaky and how much time was wasted waiting for them to complete.

Next up: build duration. Stay tuned, and don't forget to let us know what you think!

Other improvements

  • Work Log shows all issues that your team has worked on even if they are assigned to other teams
  • Work Log shows both Tasks and Stories under Other Issues in Epic view
  • Usability improvements in Jira Settings for larger organizations

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