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Changelog · Nov 23, 2020

Predict and prevent exceptions to working agreements

Working agreement exceptions

Working agreements are a powerful tool teams use to adopt and keep track of better working habits. Every once in a while, an exception to the rule occurs, and Swarmia already helps you to review those old PRs or a never-ending story that escaped your agreements in the recent past.

Now it’s even easier to prevent future exceptions as you can keep track of all that escapes your agreements ⏰ right now. Aim for inbox zero, and review your agreements with the team frequently to make sure the new habits stick.

Working agreements work best with the daily digest. Once an agreement is adopted, it appears in the digest with a link to all active exceptions.

Improved pull requests overview

pr overview

Keeping pull requests inbox in order is the foundation of a healthy software team. With the updated pull requests overview, it's easy to see all work in progress at a glance:

  • Pull requests are divided into groups: ready to merge, waiting for review, and in progress. It's clear what action is required next.
  • Pull requests with no activity for over 24 hours are labeled Stale. Take care of these first.
  • See review status, all contributors (authors, reviewers & commenters), comments, and CI build status for each PR.

This update is part of a series that makes Swarmia your go-to place for everything PR-related. Coming next:

  • Filter for stale, old, unlinked pull requests
  • All pull requests where you participate (as an author, reviewer or commenter) in one place
  • Pull requests from other teams, assigned to your team for review

Share your feedback and suggestions at, or using the chat button anywhere in the app.

Other improvements

  • Team selection is now preserved in the URL. Now it's easy to bookmark and share Swarmia pages of the teams you follow.
  • Improved handling of commenting bots, more bots are excluded from the pull requests overview + Swarmia notifications
  • Now pull requests are labeled Stale in the daily digest only after 24 hours of no activity
  • Added support for canceled and archived Linear projects
  • Improved accuracy when calculating issue lifetime in the Work Log

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