Measure the right things at every level of the organization

Improve engineering productivity and developer experience by tracking a balanced set of research-backed software development metrics.

Get a complete picture of engineering productivity

Use Swarmia to measure DORA metrics, SPACE framework, and beyond — with carefully curated insights.
Are we continuously delivering on our priorities without interruptions?
Are we continuously delivering on our priorities without interruptions?
Are we driving business outcomes?
Are we delivering high-quality features to our customers?
Are we effectively collaborating within our team and with other teams?
Are we able to maintain balanced ways of working?
Swarmia for engineering leaders

The insights you need to make better decisions

Explore healthy software development metrics to recognize concrete areas of improvement for the whole organization or a group of teams.
Identify trends and signals
Quickly see which teams need your support and guidance.
Slice and dice the data
Drill into metrics behind the aggregates to understand what’s really going on.
Take action
Use data to start conversations that drive the teams to improve.
Swarmia for engineering teams

Empower teams to
do their best work

Use real-time data to identify and remove blockers that are getting in the way of your team.
Improve collaboration
See all your team’s open pull requests in one place — regardless of the repository.
Stay on top of stale & risky code
Clean up old and stale pull requests. Never let PRs fall through the cracks again.
Better ways to work with bots
Manage bot-created pull requests separately from other work.

Metrics alone don’t drive change

Adopt working agreements to stay accountable for things that are important to your team.
Read more about working agreements
Adopt proven ways of working
Work with your team to set relevant and achievable targets.
Automate feedback loops
Get real-time alerts in Slack to keep up with your agreements.
Track progress
Avoid slipping and celebrate progress with frequent recaps.

Works with the tools you already use

Swarmia combines data from your codebase and issue tracker. It also integrates with chat to speed up developer workflows.
With Swarmia, we’re able to highlight problem areas, set target levels, and drive continuous improvement.
Alex Plugaru
Co-Founder & CTO at Gorgias
Join the effective software organizations using Swarmia today.
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