Changelog · Apr 27, 2021

Spot and prevent scope creep early on

Analyze your development flow with scope creep insights

Remember that time when a small and straightforward project ended up taking weeks or even months to complete? We've all have been there. Today we're excited to introduce new tools to help you diagnose flow issues, recognize scope creep signals early on, and improve planning accuracy.

👉 Select an issue in Work Log to see a burn up chart with all tasks added and completed over its lifetime. New tasks added while an issue is in progress count towards estimated scope creep.

Other improvements

  • When tracking commits merged to master without review, you can now see the name of the default branch for each commit in the exceptions list, and each repository in repository settings
  • Bugs issue type is now available for all working agreements (e.g. Bugs are closed in under 7 days)
  • Performance and stability improvements: we fixed some timeouts and "Unexpected token < in JSON" errors that you might have seen lately

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