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Changelog · May 18, 2021

New issue insights: table view, rolling average trendline

Updated issue insights

Lately, we’ve been busy improving our pull request insights to help teams explore and understand the raw data behind cycle time, review time, and other metrics. Now we’re bringing the same improvements to issue insights.

Use them to get an overview of cycle times, scope size, and scope creep for all ongoing and completed issues. We've found that even in best-performing teams scope creep is not uncommon, and some variation in scope is totally normal. Yet it's important to look into what makes scope grow (tasks added while you're already working on a feature) to improve the quality of the planning. We've also added a rolling average trendline to all charts to help you follow work in progress and cycle time trends over time.

Next, we’re working on new high-level insights that show trends across all teams in an organization. Let us know if you’re interested in getting early access to try them out.

Other improvements

  • We believe data quality is a feature and constantly improve the logic that helps assign contributions to the right people across tools. Now you can see all active contributors in Settings to make sure their work is assigned correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where issues moved between Done and In Progress more than once would be shown incorrectly in Swarmia.

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