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Changelog · Aug 18, 2021

Issue summaries

You can now see issue completions as dots in the Work Log.

Celebrate when you get a larger project completed with a new team notification. Get a summary of the key metrics like scope creep, active days, longest-running tasks, and more — right in Slack. We continue to invest in automated tools for categorizing work. Now you can link pull requests to investment categories automatically by adding a rule to auto-assign work to categories based on PR titles.

Customize your daily digest


In Swarmia, when teams agree on an improvement area, they adopt a working agreement. It’s the starting point to measure where the team is at right now and to set a goal for the future.

But setting a goal is no guarantee that change will follow. Things tend to get lost and forgotten, and what’s brought up in retrospectives is not always taken forward.

80% of teams using Swarmia get our daily digest that provides a feedback loop for their continuous improvement goals. It contains a daily status update on all working agreements and a summary of actions required from the team. Now you can choose what data to include in the digest.

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