Changelog · May 31, 2022

Respond to GitHub comments in Slack

Respond to GitHub comments in Slack

Swarmia's Slack bot helps you get code reviewed faster, saves you time waiting on failing CI builds, and automates other routine tasks that bots do better.

With our latest update, you can respond to GitHub comments without leaving Slack. The bot's rich line-by-line comment previews make sure you have sufficient context to respond. This is especially useful on mobile or when addressing small comments.

If you've been waiting for a sign to{' '} start using Swarmia notifications, this is it.

Other updates

  • We improved the previews of the comment bubbles in Work Log. Now, we also show comments posted inside threads, which we didn't before.
  • Getting Linear and Jira insights in Swarmia is now easier as we show better onboarding instructions to teams that haven't configured them yet.
  • We fixed an issue that caused some Slack notifications to be sent twice.
  • We added a confirmation prompt when editing issue type mapping affects multiple teams in your organization.

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