Changelog · May 29, 2023

Meet the updated investment balance

Running a software team is a balancing act. You’ll want to ensure that as you build new things, you also address your technical debt and invest in productivity improvements. See also our blog post sharing best practices for balancing engineering investment.

This summer, we’re releasing a whole bunch of updates to Swarmia’s Investment Balance. And today, we’re excited to unveil the first batch.

Now you can drill down to investment balance at any level of the organization, from a high-level overview to the work of individual teams. This update goes hand in hand with the support for team hierarchies we introduced last month. (You can set them up in Settings if you haven’t done it yet.)

In the following weeks we’ll introduce more exciting updates, including better drill-downs into a single category of work across teams, and tools for analyzing trends. We’re eager to hear your feedback on the update.

Reach out to us with the in-app chat or via email at to let us know what you think.

More improvements

  • Fixed an issue where the timeframe would reset when navigating in organizational insights.
  • Improved the performance of issue insights, where some views would previously time out on longer timeframes.
  • Lately, larger teams might have experienced slowness in the Work Log. We applied an immediate fix and continue looking into improvements that keep it snappy for all customers.

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