Changelog · Oct 5, 2023

Deliver strategic, cross-team projects with confidence

Strategic projects can be particularly challenging since they often span months and involve multiple engineering teams. As these teams push towards their objectives, it’s crucial to ensure that the project scope doesn’t grow uncontrollably over time. Teams should be able to collaborate efficiently and make progress without being sidetracked by other priorities.

Our latest update brings you a new way to examine your projects and ensure they’re on track. Here are some of the things you can do with this new feature:

  • Track contributions and collaboration patterns of teams and individuals over the project’s lifetime.
  • Visualize planned work with start and target dates presented on a timeline.
  • Navigate the expandable timeline view, which displays lifetime activity on child issues, including coding activity and the activity from your issue tracker.

👉 The new view is now available for projects with child issues, including Linear projects, Jira Stories, and Epics. To use this feature, select an issue to view it in the side panel, and click the Open as page button located below the issue title.

More improvements

We made it easier for teams to preview and modify settings relevant to their team. In this update, we've added new team-specific issue settings and Slack notification preferences, giving teams even more control over how they use Swarmia.

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