Changelog · Jan 10, 2024

Real-time pull request activity timeline for diagnosing cycle time issues

Continuous code delivery is a key feature of an effective engineering organization. Several factors influence this: Do we ship in small batches? What's the state of our code review process? How do we handle code reviews that require input from different teams or individuals in other time zones?

In this update, we introduce a new timeline activity view that helps you understand the cycle time of those long-running pull requests. Select a pull request anywhere in the app to see whether review, coding time, or merging delays were the main cause of the increased cycle time. The timeline also includes all comments, commits, and code review events, making it easy to see what happened in each case at a glance. The data you see on the timeline updates in real time, so it always includes the latest activity.

More improvements

  • Editing investment categories just got easier. When you make changes to your investment balance configuration, you can preview them before applying. The preview is based on a sample of 1,000 pull requests and issues, showing how they're affected by the change.
  • When you choose an issue in Swarmia, you can see the issue assignee, along with other contributors, in the issue activity popup.

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