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Changelog · Feb 13, 2024

Smart suggestions for categorizing work

To make sound decisions about engineering investment, you need to have a solid understanding of how your engineers’ time is spent. But the more work remains uncategorized, the more difficult it is to determine how different teams should spend their time.

That’s why today, we’re making uncategorized work more visible in the Investment Balance view and introducing AI-powered suggestions for categorizing work. Now, when you drill into uncategorized work, the smart suggestions pop up on the right. With the smart suggestions, you can:

  • Preview a list of the issues included in each suggestion
  • Quickly apply or dismiss the suggestions

Over time, the model will learn how people in your organization categorize issues and pull requests, improving the quality of future suggestions.

More improvements:

  • We updated the default investment category rules by adding more labels and title prefixes. We also made the rules smarter, only applying the rules that match existing data.

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