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Changelog · Mar 7, 2024

Use Okta SSO to manage user access to Swarmia

If your organization is using Okta Single Sign-On, you can now use it to manage user access to Swarmia. This also means that stakeholders outside the engineering organization can now log in to Swarmia even if they don’t have a GitHub account.

To get started, follow our guide on how to add the Swarmia application to Okta. If you’ve previously been using GitHub for authentication, we’ll automatically migrate everyone in your organization to Okta the next time they log in to the app.

More improvements:

  • We keep adding new notifications that save developers’ time and bring essential details about their work directly to Slack. This time, we improved our CI notifications to include more reasons for queue failures, such as merge conflicts and CI timeouts. Not using Swarmia notifications yet? Set them up here.
  • Ongoing performance improvements. This year we’re adding more ways to explore your data, from analyzing millions of CI check runs to providing high-level organizational overviews for larger organizations. To support this initiative and elevate the experience for customers of all sizes, we put continuous effort in optimizing the app’s performance.

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