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Changelog · Apr 4, 2024

Alpha: Improve developer experience with surveys

Swarmia engineering surveys are now available to organizations interested in trying them out. Run a survey with any or all of the 32 questions in Swarmia’s survey framework, with questions ranging from team focus to managing technical debt. See how different teams react to different statements, and collect comments for taking action. You can share the results with everyone in the organization, while maintaining confidentiality where necessary.

To get started, reach out to your customer success manager or contact us at

Preview CI failure logs without leaving Slack

Have you ever found yourself digging through CI logs just to figure out what has failed? Was it a flaky test or something that you actually need to fix in your PR? Now, whenever you receive a notification about a CI check failure for one of your PRs, you'll also get a preview of the last 50 lines of the failure logs directly in Slack.

Not using Swarmia notifications yet? You can enable notifications here.

DORA metrics for teams

You can now view deployments, as well as all four DORA metrics, filtered by engineering team. Navigate to Insights > Deployments, and select the team you’re interested in from the top bar. A deployment is attributed to a team when at least one of the deployed pull requests was authored by a member of the team. In some cases, the same deployment can be attributed to more than one team, if it contains pull requests authored by members of multiple teams.

More improvements:

  • We improved the accuracy of batch size insights by excluding more commonly auto-generated files from the calculations. Now, as you hover over each size bucket, you can also see the percentage of the total number pull requests merged in your team.
  • Now, when responding to GitHub comments via the Slack bot, you can use the “>” symbol, and the text that follows will be correctly rendered as a quote.
  • We also fixed an issue where a user would sometimes receive a notification twice or have a GitHub comment posted twice when responding to a comment from Slack.

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