Changelog · Jun 5, 2024

Public Beta: Complement engineering metrics with developer experience surveys

From the start, our vision at Swarmia has been to offer holistic software development insights to everyone in the engineering organization. By “holistic,” we mean looking at the same issue from multiple angles — in this case, through a combination of sentiment data from software engineers and insights from different dev tools.

That’s why today, we’re excited to announce the public beta of developer experience surveys: a better way for you to collect high-quality developer feedback and combine it with the system metrics and visualizations you already have in Swarmia.

Based on feedback from our alpha customers, we feel confident you’ll gain valuable information and concrete improvement ideas from these surveys. Here’s how Dave Cumberland, CTO of Axios HQ, describes his experience in running surveys with Swarmia:

“The developer experience survey results have been insightful. Swarmia has provided us with a clear understanding of where our teams are excelling and where they could use additional support. The combination of quantitative developer insights with periodic qualitative feedback is powerful. It has allowed us to pinpoint specific areas of improvement and celebrate our successes. Swarmia has become invaluable in enhancing our team’s productivity and satisfaction.” — Dave Cumberland, CTO of Axios HQ

We also published our 32-question developer survey framework, free for anyone to use. Read more about how we developed the framework and copy the survey questions from this blog post.

To run your first survey in Swarmia, navigate to the new Surveys tab and click the “Create survey” button. (Requires admin access.) If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us in the chat or send an email your customer success manager or

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