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Swarmia gives engineering organizations the insights and tools they need to boost software development productivity without sacrificing culture or quality.

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Swarmia in a nutshell

Connect the dots between your source code hosting, issue tracker, and chat

Measure the right things on every level of the engineering organization

Stay on track with team-wide Working Agreements and Slack nudges

Here’s how it works

Swarmia helps you not only measure but also improve engineering productivity. It does that with a combination of research-backed metrics and developer tooling.

1. Measure proven productivity metrics

Software development productivity isn’t just one number you can track. That’s why Swarmia surfaces a carefully curated set of research-backed engineering metrics that give you a complete overview of productivity.

With Swarmia, you can explore metrics across four areas: business impact, flow, code quality, and team health — and use those insights to identify improvement areas.

Investment insights in Swarmia

2. Drive positive change with Working Agreements

The problem with metrics is that they don’t drive action on their own. That’s where Swarmia’s Working Agreements come in.

They allow teams to adopt proven habits like "avoid working alone" and set numeric targets for code reviews, open PRs, and more.

Working Agreements in Swarmia

3. Speed up dev workflows with notifications

The final piece of the productivity puzzle are Swarmia’s two-way Slack notifications. They allow teams and individuals to receive and respond to real-time alerts and nudges to improve collaboration and cut down waiting times.

The daily digests on your team’s Slack channel help everyone keep up with ongoing work. The personal notifications, on the other hand, nudge you to react to review requests, GitHub comments, failed CI, and more.

Swarmia's Slack notifications for developers
Swarmia gives us the perfect overview of engineering productivity. I can quickly see how we're doing in terms of cycle time and pull requests, which helps me report back to the business.
Roland Fiala
SVP of Engineering, Productsup

Swarmia product principles

We’ve seen plenty of failed attempts to improve developer productivity with high-level dashboards, activity leaderboards, and harmful metrics. But since such approaches rarely work, we built Swarmia based on these principles.

Much more than a dashboard

Swarmia is not just a dashboard for the engineering leadership. In addition to research-backed metrics, it also gives teams the tools they need to get a little bit better every day.

Every team is different

There’s no single right way to build software. Swarmia adapts to every team’s tools, rituals, and challenges, so you can keep working in a way that works for you and your team.

Data is a conversation starter

Instead of using engineering metrics to find answers, we believe in using them to ask better questions. After all, data can answer the "what" but it will rarely tell you the "why."

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