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A linter for teamwork

Just like a linter helps improve your code, Swarmia helps improve the way your team collaborates and communicates.
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Get your pull requests through faster

With GitHub, you have to separately check each repository and find real PRs from a sea of bot-created dependency upgrade PRs. Swarmia brings all your team’s PRs into a single view, with bot PRs neatly pulled into their own page.
Pull requests view
Swarmia gives our engineers much-needed visibility into their own work and its status.
Tiina Romu
Software Team Lead at Huuva

Automate feedback loops

Speed up developer workflows with working agreements and Swarmia’s two-way integration between GitHub and Slack.
Learn more about feedback loops
Read, reply, and react to GitHub comments in Slack
Instead of jumping between apps, use Swarmia’s Slack app to read, reply, and react to GitHub comments.
“Swarmia’s Slack notifications make it easy to keep track of open pull requests across all our repos. They help me quickly find the conversations that need my input.”
Svyat Sobol
Lead Engineer at Wolt
Work better together
Adopt healthy working agreements as a team. You can also set numeric targets for cycle time, code reviews, work in progress, and more.
Get daily recaps
Turn on daily notifications on your team’s channel to see all the ongoing work at a glance.
Celebrate completed work
Swarmia summarizes completed projects in Slack to increase visibility and help you celebrate milestones.
Swarmia’s GitHub-to-Slack notifications are way better than in any other tool. It’s one of the reasons our engineers really love the product.
Josep Jaume Rey
Senior Engineering Director at Factorial

Start better conversations based on real data

Data doesn’t always give you the right answers. But it does help you bring up important topics, so you can start improving your processes and systems together.
Work Log
Measure the right things
Get a baseline of key productivity metrics and identify concrete improvement areas.
Spot and remove blockers
Get context by zooming into specific tasks, pull requests, and commits.
Have more informed career discussions
Improve the quality of your 1:1s and career development discussions.
Join the high-performing teams using Swarmia today.
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