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Speed up code reviews with pull request notifications on Slack

Swarmia gives your engineering team the visibility and Slack notifications you need to review and merge pull requests faster.

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See all your team's PRs across repos

Get personal Slack notifications and team updates

Set team-level targets for code reviews and more

Review and merge pull requests faster with personal Slack notifications

Instead of spamming you with irrelevant pings, Swarmia's notifications on Slack are light on noise and heavy on context.

Reply to PR comments in Slack

Swarmia allows you to read and reply to PR comments and change requests directly in Slack. This is especially useful on mobile and when you're addressing smaller comments.

PR review request notifications also include the number of lines changed so you can quickly estimate how long it'll take to complete the review.

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A better way to handle bots

Instead of flooding Slack with endless notifications about bot-created PRs, Swarmia helps you deal with dependency upgrades by showing all contributions from bots in one place.

Pull requests review goals

CI failure notifications

Swarmia automatically alerts you about failed CI checks for your PRs. No need to fiddle with manual and brittle configurations.

Swarmia only sends CI failure notifications after you've requested a review. This way, you won't get unnecessary notifications about failed CI checks when your PR is either a draft or still in progress.

CI failure notifications

Swarmia's Slack notifications make it easy to keep track of open pull requests across all repos. Even if I can't immediately review a teammate's code, the Slack notifications help me find the right PR discussion as soon as I have time.

Svyat SobolLead Engineer, Wolt

All pull requests in one place

With GitHub, you have to separately check each repository and find real PRs from a sea of dependency upgrade PRs that were created by bots. Swarmia pulls all of your team's PRs into a single, real-time view, with bot PRs neatly separated into their own page.
Pull requests in Swarmia

Daily digests and customizable working agreements

Get daily summaries in Slack and set team-wide working agreements for code reviews.

Get daily digests on your team's Slack channel

Daily digests on your team’s Slack channel help you catch up on all the work that’s going on in your team. It’s also the fastest way to catch PRs that are stuck in review limbo.

Actionable insights in Swarmia

Set team working agreements to speed up code reviews

Make a deal with your teammates that pull requests should be reviewed in less than X hours. Swarmia will keep you accountable by reporting on the status of open PRs and sending nudges to the teammates that are about to slip.

Read more about working agreements →

Pull requests review goals
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Most development productivity tools focus on top-down surveillance and pitting developers against each other. At Swarmia, we don’t believe in micromanagement or 10x engineers. We believe that every team can 10x their output with healthy habits, accurate data, and the right tools.

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