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As your team grows, things get complex. Reviews take longer. Tech debt increases. Tests flake. Swarmia helps you surface and address these bottlenecks as a team.

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Get your code reviewed faster

Having to wait for code reviews means that you're constantly switching context. Someone in your team finally reviews a PR from two days ago? You drop the new task you're working on, and go back to addressing issues in the original.

Swarmia makes open PRs visible to the whole team and stops you from having to chase your teammates for code reviews. Together, you can agree on an acceptable code review time — and have Swarmia remind you when you're about to slip.

Actionable insights in Swarmia

Limit work in progress

When you're working on too many things at once, nothing gets shipped. Instead, you end up jumping between tasks — often feeling rushed and unproductive.

With Swarmia, you can set team-wide work-in-progress limits to help you minimize distractions and focus on things that really matter.

Pull requests review goals

Get technical debt under contol

Instead of resorting to quick hacks, wouldn’t you rather solve issues at the root and reduce technical debt while you’re at it? The problem is, it’s difficult to quantify the impact of refactoring projects to managers.

Swarmia helps you understand how much time you’re spending on fighting fires that are caused by quick hacks. With this data, you’ll be able to make your case to the management — and ultimately, build better software with your team.

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Actionable metrics

Swarmia's Slack notifications make it really easy to keep track of open pull requests. Even if I can't immediately review a teammate's code, the Slack notifications help me find the right PR discussion as soon as I have time.

Svyat SobolLead Engineer, Wolt

You can't improve what you don't measure

Here are some of the engineering metrics you’ll see with Swarmia.

Review time

Review time

Identify review bottlenecks and get your work merged faster.

Review rate

Review rate

Keep your code quality high by making sure someone else reviews it before it’s merged.

Waiting times

Waiting times

Stay on top of your flow efficiency by looking at idle time between tasks.

Batch size

Batch size

Keep your batch size small to roll out features to customers faster and with less risk.

Cycle time

Cycle time

Understand how long it takes for your team to complete pull requests, tasks, stories, and epics.

CI insights

CI insights

Spot flaky tests and improve the performance of your CI pipeline based on data.

Cross Team Reviews

Cross-team reviews

Improve collaboration and get timely reviews for cross-team work.

Bot insights

Bot insights

Filter out the noise by separating bot PRs from other PRs and looking at all bot-created PRs in one place.

Deployment frequency

Deployment frequency

Keep track of how often you’re deploying — and how often the deployments are failing.

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Working for engineers, not against them

Most development productivity tools focus on top-down surveillance and pitting developers against each other. At Swarmia, we don’t believe in micromanagement or 10x engineers. We believe that every team can 10x their output with healthy habits, accurate data, and the right tools.

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