Teams need transparency to improve their ways of working. Gain an accurate view of where your team's time is spent, and boost focus on work that matters.

Instant visibility into work in progress

✅ Connect the dots between GitHub, Jira, and other systems

✅ Follow daily progress on key projects

✅ Get more context by zooming into specific tasks, pull requests, and commits

Investment distribution

✅ Track focus on roadmap work, technical debt, bugs, and everything else

✅ Know how initiatives progress over weeks, months, and quarters

✅ Eliminate guesswork by seeing exactly how time is spent

✅ Dive deeper with issue metrics like cycle time, scope creep, and flow efficiency

Industry-leading data quality

Swarmia's team-centric approach ensures that every contribution is assigned to the right team, person, and project across all systems.

✅ Teams own their data

✅ Automated and flexible mapping of work across systems

✅ Advanced contributor management

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Flow insights

Best software teams deliver value continuously. Use meaningful agile metrics to diagnose productivity issues, remove blockers and increase velocity.

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