Ways of working

Make continuous improvement a habit by adopting practices followed by the industry's best performers. Automate feedback loops and measure progress.

Measure your ways of working

✅ Discover 20+ ways of working followed by the industry's best performing teams

✅ Adopt work in progress limits, set targets around cycle time, review time and code quality, improve cross-team collaboration

✅ Analyze both team and organization level metrics

Track improvement over time

✅ Holistic team health dashboard

✅ Trend lines, comparisons, and industry benchmarks

✅ Automated tracking of exceptions to your ways of working

Automated reminders

✅ Daily health checks based on your ways of working

✅ Actionable alerts on stale pull requests and issues that need the team's attention

✅ Configurable Slack notifications loved by developers

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Teams need transparency to improve their ways of working. Gain an accurate view of where your team's time is spent, and boost focus on work that matters.

Make continuous improvement a habit. Join the 600+ teams using Swarmia today.