Changelog · Aug 5, 2020

Introducing Working Agreements

A list of Working Agreements in Swarmia

We believe in self-organizing teams that own their ways of working. With Swarmia, teams already get full visibility into their process and can identify potential improvements — but transparency alone is not enough to become better and stronger as a team. Working Agreements is a powerful new feature that helps teams continuously improve with clear goals and consistent execution. Our first iteration includes features to manage the amount of work in progress and the cycle time of Pull Requests.

Manage Work in Progress and Cycle Time

Managing the amount of work in progress and reviewing code without delay are some of the best ways for teams to improve their speed and focus. Our first Working Agreements allow teams to set work-in-progress limits for issues and Pull Requests, and to set a limit for Pull Request age.

Ready to jump in? Why not have a conversation with your team and head over to the new Working Agreements area in the app to get started.

Working Agreements are simple to configure and adopt, and insights about the Working Agreement as well as details about recent exceptions are clearly visible in the UI.

wa config

Finally, the daily Slack notification shows how the team is doing with their Working Agreements, helping teams adopt new habits with immediate feedback. If you haven't enabled Slack notifications for your team yet, now is a good time to do it.

wa slack

What Working Agreements does your team use, or would find useful? We have lots of ideas about what to do next, but we'd like to hear from you.

Other improvements

  • Cycle Time graph in the Pull Requests view updated to scatterplot
  • Continuing to adopt our new design in frontend
  • Performance improvements

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