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Changelog · Mar 2, 2021

Track unreviewed code pushed straight to the main branch

Adopt a working agreement to avoid pushing changes directly to the main branch

Code review helps ensure code quality, and share knowledge within the team. Yet even among teams performing code reviews regularly, pushing unreviewed code to master is not uncommon. Our new working agreement helps track all commits merged to your main branch without review, and start a conversation within the team if it becomes an issue.

See how your team is doing under Explore → We don’t push code directly to main branch. Connect Swarmia’s Slack digest to get a daily summary of all unreviewed code pushed to production.

Select what teams to see in Swarmia

choose teams

Now you can choose GitHub teams to show in Swarmia, and hide teams that do not represent actual development teams in your organisation: for example, if you use teams for access control. We’ve hidden some of these teams automatically based on Swarmia usage. 👉 See them all here.

Other improvements

  • Pull request dots in all scatter plots now link to GitHub
  • Better auto-complete suggestions when searching for projects in Jira configuration settings
  • Switching the team now preserves the selected working agreement

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