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Changelog · Jul 19, 2021

Investment distribution overview

Balance how the team's time is spent with the investment distribution view

The best teams know where their time is spent and balance efficiently between the most impactful work and housekeeping. It ensures they can reach the high-impact business objectives and solve the right problems in the short term, without compromising the capability to do so over the long term.

Here are some common anti-patterns to observe when it comes to allocating time:

  • The majority of your time is spent on bug fixing and maintenance work
  • Technical debt is increasing over time, and is not being addressed
  • An increasing amount of time is spent working on ad-hoc projects
  • Less than 50% of the time is spent on roadmap work

Swarmia’s new investment distribution view gives transparency to the different areas of work teams focus on to help you achieve a balance in how the time is spent.

Use it to see your time allocation by area, and drill down into individual projects to investigate further.

Swarmia completed its latest security audit

Security is an integral part of Swarmia, and since the inception of the product, we’ve been conducting regular security reviews twice a year. In July 2021, we completed our latest security audit and training based on OWASP ASVS 4.0 controls.

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