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Changelog · Oct 1, 2021

Issue completions in Work Log

You can now see issue completions as dots in the Work Log.

When we share these updates with you, we look back at what we’ve shipped in the past weeks that’s worth celebrating. It turns out there’s no better tool for that than Work Log. It is a snapshot of how teams spend time week over week, making it easy to tell the theme of the week at any time in the past.

You can now see issue completions as dots in the Work Log. This allows you to see work without code commits and gives you a better sense of how projects are moving forward.

Focusing on data quality in Work Log enables us to build insights you can trust. This data powers our Investment Insights that we’re working on improving now, and we can’t wait to share more soon.

Exclude individual pull requests from all metrics

exclude prs

Metrics can be a black box, so we show the individual data points behind all numbers you see in Swarmia. Outliers can have a significant effect on those numbers. Now you can exclude individual pull requests from all metrics to make your Swarmia insights even more accurate.

On-premise Jira support

We haven’t seen two teams who wor in the same way, and build Swarmia to adapt to your team’s tools and ways of working. If your organization uses Jira on-premise, we now support that too. 

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