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Changelog · Nov 8, 2021

Custom investment categories

Updated Slack alerts for Working Agreements

Software development is all about focusing on the right things, but even for the best teams it’s not uncommon to see up to 70% of all work not reflected on the roadmap: it can be bugs, customer requests, technical debt, or chores that end up taking their time.

With the new investment insights you can track these (and any custom) categories in Swarmia, and get an accurate, highly customizable view into how teams spend time.

Seeing this data was an eye-opening experiences for many of our customers, sparking great discussions, and resulting in even more focus on work that matters.

Encourage team collaboration with the new working agreement

avoid working alone

Working alone on a large project can feel demotivating and slow. In the long term, it leads to situations where only one person is familiar with a project or codebase. And if they get blocked while working alone, or go on a vacation, it’s challenging for somebody else to join in and help.

Now there’s a working agreement to help you identify and review projects with solo contributors.

Other improvements

  • We've added initial support for GitHub Issues as an issue tracker.
  • Now you can see both who’s been assigned to an issue and who has completed it in Work Log.
  • If you're using Linear, you'll see all contributions to Bugs grouped to a dedicated row in Work Log.
  • Swarmia is now SOC 2 Type 1 certified. We've completed our SOC 2 Type 1 certification in our ongoing commitment to keeping your data secure. Security has been in Swarmia’s DNA from the very beginning. We conduct security audits and training every six months, and security practices are on the checklist for every new feature we build.

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