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Changelog · Jul 14, 2022

Cycle time breakdown for individual pull requests

Cycle time breakdown for individual pull requests

Investigating cycle time issues just got easier with the new cycle time breakdown for individual pull requests. Just click on a pull request anywhere in the app to see the time it was in progress, waiting for a review, or awaiting merge. It helps to investigate and act on those outlier pull requests you can spot in insights and alerts on your team's working agreements.

hot fixes

Measuring DORA change failure rate and mean time to recovery (MTTR) has many aspects. We recently published a post about measuring it the right way.

Sometimes a deployment goes through without failing but still results in an issue that requires a fix from the dev team. Now it's possible to tell Swarmia what deploys represent those fixes and link them directly to the deploys that caused the issue.

Doing this allows calculating time to recovery and change failure rate more accurately even for those deploys that technically don't fail but still end up breaking something.

Not measuring change failure rate & MTTR in Swarmia yet? Reach out to us at to get started.

Follow working agreements targets from anywhere in insights

wa target

We brought working agreement targets closer to more places in insights, making it easier to adopt new agreements and review the exceptions right as you explore trends and patterns in your Swarmia data. You can find the targets across all Flow insights, as well as pull requests cycle time and review time insights.

More improvements

Most data in Swarmia stays in sync with other applications in real time. Merge a PR in GitHub and — boom — it's merged in Swarmia too. In some rare cases though, it's not possible to get the latest PR status on the fly. Now, if you notice pull request data that is out of sync, you can refresh it manually in Swarmia.

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