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Changelog · Nov 30, 2022

More control over work that belongs to your team

Every team is different, and we built Swarmia to ensure teams have complete visibility into all team-related matters.

By default, when developers write commits and create pull requests, we attribute all their work to the teams they are part of. This ensures no work falls through the cracks, and you get a clear picture of what everyone is working on.

With our latest update, teams have more control over work attributed to them in Swarmia. You may want to adjust team ownership when a team member works across multiple teams, or some PRs include exploration work that you don't like to be considered in PR-related metrics and alerts.

Keeping the app snappy

Building a snappy, data-heavy product at scale requires constant investment in app performance as we onboard more customers.

In the past few weeks, we’ve focused on making our most powerful views faster and improved performance monitoring to catch issues sooner. We already see significant improvements on average, and will continue investing in keeping the app fast for our users as we grow.

Experienced performance issues lately despite the updates? Let us know at

More improvements

  • 99.9% uptime and a new status page. You can access information about uptime and incidents affecting Swarmia users at
  • If you use Linear as your issue tracker, you'll notice that we now sync Linear projects in real time as part of a larger effort around data consistency

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