Changelog · Dec 23, 2022

🚀 Major updates to deployment insights (and DORA metrics) in Swarmia

This December has been all about bringing DORA metrics to the next level, ensuring teams can get an accurate view of their deployment process, and follow change failures and time to recovery no matter how they deploy.

With the latest update, all deployments are now tracked in one place. We added improved support for multiple deployment data sources, which you can configure for each service or application you deploy. Let’s go through them one by one:

PR merges

This option is the easiest to configure, and it works best when you deploy continuously. When you first sign up for Swarmia, we’ll automatically use this method to prefill deployment insights for some of your repositories.

GitHub checks

If you run a GitHub check every time you deploy, Swarmia can use it to track deployments. This approach supports checks from both GitHub Actions as well as third-party tools like Jenkins or Circle CI.

Swarmia Deployment API

This is the most powerful way to track deployments in Swarmia. The Deployment API allows you to pass change failure information directly to the platform. You can also use our UI to manually mark change failures.

What’s next? We’re looking into automating change failure detection in the coming weeks, and we’ll keep an eye out for other deployment methods to support. Reach out to us at if you have any specific wishes or ideas around this.

🔎 New powerful pull request filters are available in code insights

This year we introduced flexible filters across the app that power a significant part of the Swarmia platform and features like team code ownership, Investment Distribution, and issue ownership.

In our latest update, we bring the power of filters to cycle time insights, making it easier than ever to look at data from different perspectives.

👀 Emoji reactions for GitHub comments available to all Slack app users

We take pride in building the best engineering productivity platform that puts developer experience at its core. Thousands of developers use our Slack app every day to save time on routine tasks and focus on things that matter.

Now it’s possible to react to GitHub comments directly in Slack, adding color to your everyday conversations 👍 👀 🎉

🎉 2022 Reviewed: Swarmia year-in-review ping delivered to all our Slack users

We wanted to do something special this year to celebrate all the fantastic work software teams got done this year. If you had our Slack notifications enabled by yesterday, you should have received a friendly year-in-review ping from our Slack bot.

Did you miss out on your year-in-review ping? Make sure to enable notifications and reach out to us at to get your personal 🎁 delivered!

More improvements

  • Swarmia now identifies when a pull request has enough reviews to be merged. This is helpful if you require more than one approval for a pull request to go live. The changes are also reflected in the review rate chart. A PR is considered reviewed only once it has all the required approvals.
  • Our review request notifications on Slack just got better. You’ll now see whether a PR is awaiting review or is approved and ready to merge (it’ll get a gentle strike-through at this point).

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