Changelog · Jan 31, 2023

Code review nudges to help you stay on track with your working agreements

Feedback loops are an essential part of Swarmia. Our working agreements allow teams to agree on how they want to work together and stay on track as they’re building new habits. Teams can subscribe to the Slack daily digest to get updated on all the exceptions to their working agreements.

Now if your team has a working agreement around pull request review time (e.g. "review pull requests in under 24 hours"), we'll send a friendly reminder to the pull request reviewer when a review is nearing the target. We’ll send additional notifications two days after your target, and then finally four days after it — after which we’ll go quiet. The new notification is enabled automatically for all teams with the review time working agreement.

This new notification is part of a series of improvements to the Swarmia Slack app we've planned for this year. Have feedback to share? Drop us a line at

Not using Swarmia personal notifications yet? Here's why you should. You can enable them in settings.

DORA change failures: auto-detection of rollbacks and pull request reverts

Measuring change failures can be tricky. There are many different reasons changes can fail, and often the data on these failures and what caused them doesn’t exist in any systems. We also wrote an article on how we suggest approaching measuring Change Failures.

We already support multiple ways to report change failure data to Swarmia. You can report Change Failures via our Deployments API or mark failing deploys and deploys that fix them manually in Swarmia.

Now Swarmia detects some common change failures automatically:

Rollback detection checks if the exact same version has been previously deployed to the same environment (e.g., production). If Swarmia detects a rollback, a change failure is recorded for the latest deployment before the rollback.

To detect reverts, Swarmia checks if any of the pull requests included in your deployment were reverting a previously deployed pull request (based on commit messages, branch name, or pull request description).

More improvements

  • We completed internal and external security audits in January 2023. Swarmia conducts internal audits twice a year, and external audits once a year. Security is on the checklist for all the new features we build.
  • You can now export data from your organization’s Code Overview in CSV format. This might be helpful if you’re looking to share Swarmia insights with stakeholders outside Engineering or use the data in third-party tools.
  • We’ve added new pull request filters to Batch Size insights, including filters by status, repository, and author.

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