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Changelog · Feb 28, 2023

Support for GitHub Deployments as a data source for deployment insights

As we hinted in the previous changelog, we’ve been working on one final piece of the deployment insights puzzle: supporting GitHub Deployments as a data source.

If you’re using GitHub Deployments to track deployments across your repositories, you can now select it as a deployment source in Swarmia. This makes it even easier for you to surface DORA metrics and keep tabs on applications with multiple environments.

If you’re already using GitHub Deployments, we recommend this method over GitHub checks, as it will give you more accurate data and it’s easy to set up.

More improvements

  • We introduced an option to export a team’s Investment Distribution in CSV format. This allows you to combine the team’s data with e.g., cost data to produce financial reports.
  • Insights views now show longer default timeframes that you can use to analyze progress over the last 6 or 12 months.

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