Changelog · Jul 6, 2023

Understand your biggest engineering investments and follow trends across teams

When we introduced the new Investment Balance just over a month ago, we gave a glimpse into the exciting features we had planned for later this year. Our new major update delves even deeper into helping engineering leaders understand investment patterns in engineering teams and the entire organization.

A whole new way to look at work. The work view in Investment Balance got a complete redesign. When you select a category, it’s now pinned on the chart, making it easy to see how it trends over time. You can also slice and dice your data in a variety of ways:

  • Sort your projects to look at the most recent, longest-running, or biggest investments (considering the total number of contributions)
  • Start by examining all work or narrow it down with specific issue types to gain a focused view into Epics or Bugs.
  • Zoom in to look at one month of work at a time (or one week with the weekly grouping)

Follow a category across all teams. When looking at teams, you can now pin a category to highlight it and sort by it in the teams table. This way you can see what teams have maintained momentum shipping new features or struggled with keeping the lights on. We also added a delta to the previous time period to the table so it’s easy to see how the investment balance has evolved over time.

Try out the new Investment Balance

More improvements

  • Filters across the app got even more powerful. Now you can filter issues by title and apply negations (e.g. “Label is not Bug”) anywhere in the app. The new filters make it even easier to capture work to investment categories and define work that belongs to each team.
  • The app home page got a new modular design highlighting relevant Swarmia features based on the user role, tailored to developers, managers, and engineering leaders.
  • We completed an internal security audit in June-July 2023. Swarmia conducts security audits twice a year, and security is on the checklist for every new feature we build.
  • In team settings, you can now see what teams don’t have issue ownership set up. Assigning issues to teams helps Swarmia map issues to the right teams in your organization, and is required for using features like Work Log and Issue Insights.

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