Changelog · Jul 9, 2024

DORA metrics for production environments

DORA metrics are the most widely recognized way to measure the speed and quality of software deployments. They're all about pushing changes to production, so deployments to other environments, such as development and staging, should be disregarded when tracking them.

We've made it easier to define production environments in Swarmia, enabling more accurate DORA metrics. You can set global rules or define production environments per deployment app. This flexibility allows you to tailor the metrics to reflect your actual production environments, providing a clearer picture of your performance.

We’ll automatically consider all environments that start with ‘prod’ or have ‘production’ in their names to be production environments. You can change it in Settings / Deployments.

Anonymous comments in surveys

Survey respondents can now choose whether they'd like to post their comments anonymously. While we recommend respondents to comment using their name to foster more open and actionable discussion, we also recognize that some may not be comfortable doing so. Commenting anonymously lowers the threshold for giving feedback on sensitive issues.

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