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Improve developer experience with quick engineering surveys

Swarmia gives you a complete picture of the productivity and wellbeing of your engineering organization by combining system metrics with qualitative insights from developers.

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A better way to measure the health of your engineering organization

Research (see SPACE framework) shows that developer satisfaction plays a huge role in the overall productivity of your engineering organization. But to get a full picture of the health of your engineering organization, you need both qualitative and quantitative data.

Qualitative measures

  • Satisfaction & wellbeing
  • Workload
  • Deep work
  • On-call experience
  • Code review quality
  • Collaboration & communication
  • Planning & documentation

Engineering metrics

  • Cycle time
  • Flow efficiency
  • Batch size
  • Test flakiness
  • DORA metrics
  • Planning accuracy
  • Investment distribution

Engineering surveys at a glance

Run surveys tailored for software teams

Combine survey data with system metrics

Take action to improve developer experience

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Create better developer experience one short survey at a time

System metrics can help you identify general areas of improvement. But when you need to answer specific questions like “how are our developers feeling about their workload?” or “how satisfied are they with the dev environment?”, it’s best to go straight to the source and ask them.

Ask questions only your developers can answer

Tap into insights about team health that you can’t get any other way than by asking your developers.

Use the survey answers to make concrete changes across workload, collaboration, communication, deep work, and other areas that directly impact developer satisfaction and wellbeing.

Developer surveys in Swarmia

Run lightweight surveys in Slack

Instead of squeezing all the questions you want to ask your developers into one long survey, why not split the questions into more concise recurring surveys?

By asking the questions in Slack, you’ll be able to quickly collect the answers you need without disturbing or annoying your developers.

Swarmia provides lightweight surveys via Slack

Benchmark your organization against others

Swarmia gives you access to a carefully curated set of questions so you don’t have to spend time on reinventing the wheel.

The standardized questions also allow you to benchmark your organization against others, making it easier for you to recognize critical improvement areas.

Survey benchmarks
Swarmia has transformed the way our engineering teams work. It allows us to celebrate more milestones as a team and has opened the door to many good conversations regarding productivity and tech debt.
Christian Helvin
Director of Engineering,

Why Swarmia?

All the data you need in one place

As an engineering productivity tool that already combines system metrics from your version control and issue tracker, Swarmia is in a unique position to surface this a third type of data: qualitative survey insights from your developers.

One less tool for devs to adopt

The developers who use Swarmia tend to love our two-way integration between GitHub and Slack. And because Swarmia’s Slack bot is already a big part of developer workflows, it makes sense to run your surveys with it too.

Automated feedback loops

The Working Agreements in Swarmia allow teams to set targets for any improvement areas they’ve recognized. Once they’ve adopted a Working Agreement, Swarmia’s Slack bot helps keep it top of mind.

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